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Deslauries Corrugated Conversion

Primary Press Repair, Inc. services presses which are used in the printing and die-cutting industry for production of such items as:
  • Paper folding boxes
  • Commercial printing
  • Corrugated displays
  • corrugated folding boxes
We have over 30 years of experience servicing presses such as:
  • Miehle Flatbed Printing press
  • Miehle Verticle printing press
  • Liebenow, Deslauries Corrugated Underfeed Conversions on Miehle Flatbed Presses
  • Miller Automatic Letterpress Printing
  • Miller Automatic Die Cutting Press

We provide Preventative Maintenance and Repair Services.

Stegmatic Feeder & Stripper
Miehle Vertical

Miehle Flatbed

We can get any part!

Miller 27x41

Liebenow Corrugated Conversion

Primary Press Repair, Inc.
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